Investment services

Performance matters

As financial planners and wealth managers, much of what we do involves long-term planning.  A key element of this is the building of tailored investment portfolios which includes fund selection, asset allocation, investment administration and regular performance reporting.

There are many different types of investment solutions, and deciding where to invest your money is not an easy thing to do.  Our team will advise you on the degree of risk of each option and the likely outcomes to match your expectations.

Our approach starts with establishing clear goals for the future use of your money, through the personal strategy we build for you.

Control matters

All clients will of course wish to maximise investment returns at an acceptable level of risk and volatility as part of their plan to build financial security.

Our investment process is in-house allowing us to create diversified investment portfolios with varying risk profiles.  We work with you to identify your broader financial goals, integrating tax, investment and estate advice around your needs, providing a solution that takes into account the bigger picture.

This means we can adapt your strategy and portfolio in response to market conditions, significant global events, as well as to changes in your personal situation.

We run our own Discretionary Portfolio Management service rather than using a third party and are able to provide clients specific information about our thought processes and decision making.  Only 1% of financial advice firms in the UK have regulatory approval to manage client assets.

What is discretionary management?

A discretionary management service is where you give discretion to the discretionary manager to manage investments on your behalf.  The discretionary manager will manage your investments in accordance with your investment strategy and objectives, but in making any investment decisions will not need to refer back to you.

Benefits of discretionary portfolio management

Active management by experts – the funds are constructed and actively managed by experienced investment professionals to provide a diverse and well balanced portfolio of assets.  Replicating this through a portfolio of individual assets, investments and funds would require a degree of time and expertise which is not available to the vast majority of private investors.

Ideal consolidation tool – if you have accumulated a number of investment funds or assets over time, they may no longer be meeting their financial goals or are perhaps simply underperforming.  Investing in this way is an ideal solution to bring balance, focus and performance back to your portfolio.

Streamlined administration/organisation – if you are holding a number of separate investments, funds and assets, you may be receiving reports and statements for each individual holding.  With a discretionary portfolio managed service you will drastically reduce the time spent trying to organise your paperwork.

Important information

All investments carry an element of risk.  You may not get back the full amount of your original investment.