Cashflow Planning

Enhancing Your Financial Stability

Optimising your wealth –
cashflow planning

Understanding where you are now and where you want to be.

Unlock the answers to important questions about your life and make decisions now that could make a big difference to your financial position.

Cashflow modelling can show you how much money you could have in the future and whether you are on track to achieve your goals based on different scenarios.

Cashflow modelling

Our financial planners use cashflow modelling to help you answer important questions about your life.

  1. Can I afford to maintain my desired lifestyle in retirement?​
  2. Can I afford to assist my children / grandchildren financially?​
  3. Am I going to leave behind an Inheritance Tax bill?
  4. How can I take an income in the most tax-efficient way possible?​
  5. Is my family financially protected if I die early or suffer a serious illness?​
  6. Financial splitting of assets e.g. divorce.

Our financial planners will guide you as you weave your way through the complexities of life, helping you predict and adapt to the challenges, changes and events throughout your journey. 

Financial Planning

Can I afford to retire?

Charles, 58, retired, on final salary pension​, his wife Camilla, 58, is nearing retirement – they wanted to know if and when Camilla could afford to retire?


Portfolio of assets:



Charles’s ISA


Camilla’s ISA


Joint GIA


Camilla’s workplace pension


Cash Savings




Charles and Camilla need at least £30,000 per year for their retirement expenses. Scenarios 1 and 2 show how they can achieve this through different income strategies.

After conducting cashflow modelling with their financial planner, Charles and Camilla could clearly see that they were financially secure and Camilla could comfortably retire as planned.

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