Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Tax Efficient Strategies

Helping you understand the complexities of estate planning and tax legislation

Estate planning is complex. Knowing what you can and would like to do with your wealth and understanding the relevant tax legislation surrounding estate planning isn’t always straightforward.

Our financial planners help to make even the most challenging of circumstances simple and easy for you to navigate alleviating stress and helping you to make informed decisions based on the facts. 

Simplified financial guidance for complex situations

Whether you are planning for retirement, leaving an inheritance or looking for tax-efficient ways to preserve wealth for future generations, our financial planning team can help create an estate plan for you. 

Your financial planner can advise on mitigating your Inheritance Tax liability through the following opportunities;

  • Gifting to loved ones
  • Support in establishing Trusts
  • Self-employed and partnerships
  • Business Relief including the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
  • Understanding your wishes as to what will happen to your estate when you die
  • Guidance on Will planning
  • Life Assurance

Helping our clients with estate planning

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