What can MM Wealth do for you?

We know that our clients want to grow, protect and manage their wealth.  We know the numbers matter to our clients. But our clients are not a number to us.

Relationships matter

We know that our clients make decisions about more than just themselves.  We know that financial planning isn’t just about their generation.  That’s why we take the time to listen to clients who want to tell us about their personal motivations for savings.  This helps us create the right financial plans for the most important asset in our client’s lives: their families.  Before we undertake any work, we’ll discuss the charges with you in advance.  This way you can see exactly what you’ll be charged without any hidden extras, in other words, we’re transparent.

Attention to detail matters

Today’s savings and retirement options have opened up an array of planning possibilities, typically this will cover areas such as pension requirements, family protection, estate planning, savings and investments.  We’ll ask a lot of questions.  This helps us understand your objectives and make suitable recommendations by:

  • Reviewing your full financial position and lifestyle needs, identifying goals, in the short, medium and long-term and exploring your attitude to risk.
  • Developing a plan – one based on comprehensive advice to ensure that you make the right financial decisions, offering value for money, and consistent performance.
  • Putting your plan into action – we provide a clear timetable of what we will do and by when.
  • Staying on track – we monitor and review your plan regularly, providing updates and reports.  We also make good use of technology to manage individual asset and market information internally and to provide clients with access to online personal portfolio data via the ‘Client Login’ area of this site.

Being independent matters

We are not driven by product sales.  We prefer to come up with solutions which meet your needs.  Our principal activity is to look after your money wherever it is invested.  This could be in ISAs, pensions or other investment vehicles.  As independent financial advisers, we have the widest possible choice of investments and financial products to meet your needs.

Looking after your money

Financial Planning is a long term business.  We believe that the relationship between us and our clients must be right for both parties.  The directors have looked after some clients for decades and believe that a long-term relationship enhances the client experience.

Discretionary portfolio management

What this means is that you give us the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf.  Because we send you a valuation every three months you will see the changes we have made and the performance achieved.  Find out more about our investment services.

Tax planning

We take account of the current tax regime when making recommendations to ensure that your affairs are managed as tax efficiently as possible.

Retirement planning

Putting aside enough money during our working life to live on when we retire involves careful and early planning.

Employee benefits

These are an important part of our offering and include:

  • Life insurance;
  • Pensions;
  • Health insurance;
  • Insurance protection.